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Aug 8


Bored by the usual? Try a test of physical skills by taking the Segway Rally for Two, where you and a friend (or a mom, dad, brother, cousin, partner, whatever) can compare how well you can manage your way to motorized wonders. As you both ride vertical scooters, surely it’s an exhilarating way to get your adrenaline pumping as you try to manage your mobility standing up!

Whether it’s at North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, or Berkshire, have a go and have fun learning the motorized scoother! After registration, you will be briefed on the security procedures of the whole ride as you get kitted on safety gears and proceed with the training session. Don’t remove all the protective gear and the helmets! Just make sure that you get all the grips with the basic principles on how to pilot your Segway. Expect to be taken to a group familiarity excursion where you will be brought to the local area and to test your newfound learning. Once you hit the main even, move your way to the Segway Rally course! Get familiar with everything so it will be easy to speed up, but make sure it won’t just be the steel nerves alone!

Like the usual it’s good for 10 months for two people, and if you want it as a group excursion, try to ask for a bulk discount. Observe the following restrictions: must be 18 years or over, at least 134cm tall, and maximum weight can only be 18.5 stone or 117 kg, and definitely not suited for the pregnant and the faint-hearted. Lastly, hope for a great weather on your booking date so it’s all going to be worth the thrill.

Segway Rally for One

Get all the training you need to take on this challenging Segway rally courseThe Segway Rally is the perfect way to enjoy the clean, green technological phenomenon of the Segway. You’ll be kitted out with full safety gear and given all the training you need to master the two-wheeled, self balancing Segway. You’ll take a group excursion to help you develop your skills and ensure you’re comfortable and fully Segway-savvy. Then hit the circuit and test yourself for ability and speed as you take on the Segway rally course! Location: Berkshire (South West) London (South East) Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire (Midlands) North Yorkshire (North)Prices from £29.00 Click here to find out more

Segway Rally for Two

Take command of a Segway with this rally experience for two peopleThe Segway Rally experience is the perfect way to sample the latest in stylish motoring technology, as you learn to drive one of these advanced electric scooters. With a full training session and a group excursion to show you the ropes and ensure you’re full comfortable and in control, you’ll soon feel ready to take on the challenge of the Segway rally circuit. Compare your times round the course and see who comes out the champion! Location: Berkshire (South West) London (South East) Northamptonshire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire (Midlands) North Yorkshire (North)Prices from £55.00 Click here to find out more

Segway Rally Race Experience Day

Segway Rally Race Experience Imagine a feeling like hovering above the ground at speed with complete control over any terrain. Segways are a marvel of technology and offer an entirely new and unique gift experience that’s thrilling, great fun and full of excitement. And what’s more you are being kind to the environment as Segways are extremely Eco-friendly and have zero emissions – they run for 24 miles on 0.7p of electricity! Go on – treat someone to this amazing experience…Prices from £49.95 Click here to find out more

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