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Flying experience days are just the thing if you are an aspiring flier who longs to be “up up and away” and the UK has an enormous variety of unbelievable flying experience days. You can choose from hot air ballooning, gliding, Top Gun aerobatic adventure, helicopter-flying experience, micro lighting, aerobatic adventures, flying a jet or pleasure flights around the UK. These make an ideal gift for your self, a friend or relative.

If you are a real adrenaline junkie, you may also be interested in bungee jumping, skydiving or parachuting. Have you ever thought of skydiving for two, a novel idea for that first date, start of with something thrilling? Again a helicopter ride for two is a great way to celebrate that special anniversary, or perhaps you fancy being a little more laid back, then how about a leisurely flight in a hot air balloon, just the two of you and a bottle of champagne and 360 degree panoramic views.

Flying experience days offer something for everyone, but if you are looking for inimitable sense of freedom, then why not try a gliding and micro lighting experience day. This is assured to give you a viewpoint, like never before. No matter what you choose you will always have full support from a qualified instructor.

Dec 2
Aerobatic Stunt Flying Review
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Last weekend I tried out the Aerobatic Stunt Flying experience day, available at Red Letter Days here.

And what a day it was!

We arrived at Redhill in the morning, took a cab to the aerodrome which is about …

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Jun 18


Has Dad ever fancied flying or skydiving but still can’t after all these years? Now is your perfect chance to give him that one of a kind experience. Bring him and his friend to take turns in a controlled indoor …

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Apr 22


Whether it’s for the newlyweds, for a couple needing to save a marriage, or just a break from it all, a hot air balloon flight is indeed a perfect getaway as the couple bond together amidst the breathtaking view from …

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