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Plane-flying lessons and experience days offer you the opportunity to of breathtaking views of the UK from the air. They offer a totally different perspective than you have ever seen before, removing the everyday confines of your usual world. You won’t want to leave your camera behind, as there are some awe-inspiring sights.

You can choose a pleasure flight to capture the views of London or anywhere in the UK and you may even prefer plane flying experience days, or even private flying lessons. There are such a wide variety of experiences anywhere you choose in the UK. If you are captivated after your first experience of flying solo, then who knows where this will lead, as there is a huge range of flying courses, to further your capabilities, and help you master these superb flying machines.

If you fancy something different from a fixed wing aircraft, then why not try a helicopter flying experience day instead, though the sensation of this is totally different, or you can combine the two in one lesson, the choice is yours. Any flying time experienced in our plane flying lessons can be counted towards your total requirement for a pilots licence. Fully qualified instructors execute all your training, and after forty-five flying hours, the only thing between you and becoming a fully-fledged pilot is the exam.

Apr 16

Ultimate Top Gun (Saturdays)

Ultimate Top Gun (Saturdays)
Make the most of a free Saturday with the Ultimate Top Gun Experience. A great choice for those who love flying and relish the adrenalin-fueled blast they' ll get from soaring through the skies in an …

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Apr 9

Arrows Experience

Arrows Experience
If you' ve ever dreamed of flying in a close formation aerobatic display, then the Arrows Experience is your chance to find out exactly what it' s like. With this experience you' ll get to find out exactly …

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Dec 20

Red Arrows Experience day - Weekends

Red Arrows Experience day – Weekends
Now you can find out what it feels like to wow the public with amazing aerobatic flying displays with the Arrows Experience. You do not actually fly the plane with this experience, but you …

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